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Twelfth Doctor Appreciation - Listen

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Craig Ferguson speaks for all Doctor Who fans.

Could anyone who still loves Doctor Who and is hella excited about the new season reblog this so I can follow you.


I’m so excited about it and Doctor Who is so important to me but literally my dash is covered in hate and it’s bumming me out. 

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no not the hugging. no no no, i’m against the hugging!

I’m a man in my 20’s and this brings me endless joy. 

to risk losing some followers: I’ve forgotten about any Doctor between Tom Baker-Peter Capaldi, he is just magnificent. Listen is my favorite episode probably in all of the 51 years of Doctor Who. 



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God I love this moment, reminds me of my love for the Pertwee era in ways

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Peter Capaldi, GQ Men Of The Year Awards (x)

"I don’t expect to be anyone’s heartthrob…"

Existential Dalek is my favourite